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Vallejo Publications - Rust & Chipping Painting with Vallejo Acrylic Colors (SC) - VJ75011

Vallejo - Rust & Chipping Painting with Vallejo Acrylic Colors (SC) - VJ75011

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Vallejo Rust & Chipping book teaches you the tricks and techniques used to achieve rust and peeling paint effects that can be applied to models to create a realistic and aged look. Inside this volume, the collective authors will take a closer look at both the actual implementation of working with Vallejo acrylic-based products to recreate rusted metal in a variety of visions, and explain their ideas of how best to add these processes into your own work. Each chapter will describe in pictures and words the detailed application steps necessary to complete a project layered with rusted elements, whether that be a heavily worn out car, tank or construction equipment, or something from the science fiction realm. Rust never limits itself by subject, genre or era, any steel or iron metal project should consider it a necessary part of the painting and weathering. Illustrated with color photos of Bergepanzer I - Mike Rinaldi, Rusty Ford Pickup - John Tolcher, Special Vanship - Virgil Suarez, American Graffiti and Russian T54 Wreck - Chema Cabrero, Fresh Rust Effects and Burnt Out Stug III - Scratchmod, Impact German Tank - Adam Wilder; 97 pages.