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Allied Torpedo Boats (HB) - Classic Warships - CWSCSP1CSN

Allied Torpedo Boats (HB) - Classic Warships - CWSCSP1CSN

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John Lambert and Les Brown. Opens with a brief overview of the development of coastal forces during the period 1915-1945 within the RN and USN; then describes the many different designs of British MTBs and US PT-boats, including their fittings, sensors and weapons. Lavishly illustrated with 110 b/w photos, 8 color photos, detailed line drawings, color camouflage guide, model maker's show case (with a gallery of 59 color pictures depicting expertly built ship models), plus a model products section (which reviews the strengths and weaknesses of available kits, commercial accessory sets for super-detailing and hints on modifying and improving the basic kits - presented with an additional 60 color images). Perfect for the enthusiast or modeler; 128 pages.