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Admiral Hipper Class Cruisers (SC) - Classic Warships - CWSC16CSN

Admiral Hipper Class Cruisers (SC) - Classic Warships - CWSC16CSN

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Backer. Covers the Kriegsmarine's Admiral Hipper class, which were among the largest heavy cruisers ever built - Admiral Hipper, Blucher, Prinz Eugen plus the never completed Lutzow and Seydlitz. Includes summary of design history and careers, full details of class variations and modifications, color reference for paint schemes, gallery of photographs of outstanding models, critical reviews of available kits and sources of further information from books to websites. Amply illustrated with 60 b/w and more than 65 color photos, color profiles representing 9 camouflage patterns (with port and starboard views in the case of asymmetric schemes) and profile line drawings; 64 pages.