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Major Events in the Third Reich (DVD) - Pen & Sword DVD - CBD8504CSN

Major Events in the Third Reich (DVD)  - Pen & Sword DVD - CBD8504CSN

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Pen and Sword Digital, Documentary. During the twelve year reign of the Third Reich in Nazi Germany, there was a procession of mass rallies that drew crowds containing hundreds of thousands of people. These powerful demonstrations of political will served a number of significant purposes but, most importantly, they were staged primarily to indoctrinate the people of Germany and to exhibit Germany's political and military strength to the rest of the world.
These rallies were all extremely similar and were meticulously planned, always containing a display of Germany's military strength with thousands of troops in attendance, as well as demonstrations of Germany's military vehicle capabilities accompanied by flybys by hundreds of fighter planes.
These events were truly remarkable to behold. The variety and reason for these rallies varied hugely, but their grandeur was impeccably consistent.
This DVD explores these spectacular events using rare and original archive footage, starting with the Nazi Party Rally in Nuremberg on Memorial Day, then explores other events such as the visits from foreign nationals and the displays used to impress and to strike fear into neighboring countries. We also explore the grand procession that was Hitler's 50th Birthday, where thousands lined the streets of Berlin to join in the celebrations.
The Nazis of the Third Reich were the first to recognize the propaganda related possibilities of the new film medium and they utilized its potential in a very structured and professional way.
From military and anti-semitic propaganda films to Hitler Youth and Pro-Nazi posters, the Germans embraced propaganda and employed it tirelessly. Also explores the varying methods and includes footage from original propaganda films.
Combined with a bonus disc with additional film material and five photo galleries, this DVD should appeal to all military enthusiasts.