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Tiger and Panther (DVD) - Pen & Sword DVD - CBD8212CSN

Tiger and Panther (DVD)  - Pen & Sword DVD - CBD8212CSN

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History Films; Pen & Sword Digital; Running Time: 55 (mins), Documentary. Next to the FLAK-Batteries, the German Panzer was one of the most important assault weapons used on the ground throughout the Second World War. The main battle tanks were mostly used on the front lines, providing vital combat support for the Wehrmacht and other Army units and allowing them to score vital victories against the Allied advance. The German Army was responsible for building some of the greatest examples of battle tanks seen throughout the war including the PANZER III (1940-42), PANZER IV (1943-44 ) and the TIGER. These fearsome machines are shown in action on this film through original archive footage, making this DVD a must have for all military vehicle enthusiasts and model makers.