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Dassault Rafale (SC) - Histoire & Collections - CB0417CSN

Dassault Rafale (SC) - Histoire & Collections - CB0417CSN

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Frederic Lert; French Air Force and Navy Aircraft. Designed in the mid-1980s, the Dassault Aviation Rafale, entered service in 2004 for the Navy and in 2006 for the Air Force, the divergent needs having forced France to dissociate the European partners provided early in the project (Germany, UK, Spain and Italy). Flagship of French aviation, the Rafale has incomparable advantages (versatility, stealth, versatility or multi-role capability).
Despite the capabilities, it remained in the shadows for years in terms of international export. Recent geopolitical developments are set to change the game and Rafale finally recorded its first commercial success with orders from Qatar, Egypt and perhaps India. Illustrated with about 200 photos and thirty profiles in color, three versions of the aircraft: the Rafale C (single seat aircraft for the Air Force), the Rafale M (designed by the Navy ti integrate with carrier) and Rafale B (Two-seater). 80 pages.