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Barnstormer Propeller #3 - AMUSAP147 - Authentic Models

Barnstormer Propeller #3 - AMUSAP147 - Authentic Models

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Authentic Models Aircraft Propellers, Barnstormer Propeller #3. Solid wood replicas of propellers circa 1918-1930, once used by Barnstorming pilots from the early age of flight. Barnstormers were early stunt pilots, most WWI veterans that would perform for rural audiences in a farm field literally by a barn.

You can't see your mechanic from the open cockpit. You yell 'Contact' and the propeller jumps to life, the plane starts to shutter. Your mechanic pulls away your wheel blocks. The noise is incredible, a nine cylinder Hispano Suiza spewing clouds of vaporized castrol oil. Complete cacophony - the propeller is now an invisible whirr. This prop represents hands-on flying at it's finest.

  • Made from solid pine wood
  • Broad bladed propeller tapering to a solid center
  • Tips painted with black and white checkered squares
  • French distressed honey finish
  • Size is 47.00 inches by 2.50 inches by 4.00 inches
  • Display alone or as a set on Barnstormer Rack