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It's hard being a modeler. Especially during the holidays.
How are you supposed to explain to your loved one why the Tamiya P-38 is a coveted kit?
How can you expect them to know that 1/48 is THE SCALE to work with?

Well, now you don't have to. When your loved one asks what you want this holiday season, you can send them a link to your wish list!

Add all of your favorite kits. Add the tools you want to replace, or the paint you've been meaning to order. Add the figures you've been wanting for your diorama. Then, when your loved one is shopping for you, they'll know EXACTLY what you want! You can build multiple wish lists with Giftster, and the best part is, it's completely FREE! Just sign up for an account, then start building your lists! Browse through our site, copy the URL for the item you want, then paste it into the web link field when you're adding an item.

What is Giftster? Giftster is a wish list website. What does that mean? It's a free platform you can use to build shopping lists for any reason! Each list has three options. You can make it private, shareable by link only, and public so anyone can see it. Once you're ready for others to see your list, you can share it with a link! You can text it, email it, or even share it to Facebook and other social media accounts!

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Once you create you Giftster account and create your wish list:

-Click "Add Item" on Giftster.
-Locate and open the item you'd like to add to your wish list (i.e. A new set of sanding sticks on Squadron.com).
-Copy the URL (the web address) of the item you would like to add to your list.
-Paste the URL into the web link field on Giftster.
-Click "Fetch" (this will grab information about your item)
-Click "Save"