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The ALL-NEW Online Shoppable Catalog!

A great new way to shop our catalog!

No more flipping through pages,
then trying to find what you want from our site.

Just click on an item and add it to your cart!

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Take our catalog with you everywhere you go!

Bored at the doctor's office? Browse the catalog!
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How do I shop the catalog?

1. Follow this link: https://www.squadron.com/category-s/4209.htm
2. Browse through items.
3. See something you like? Click on it (or tap the item for touchscreen devices).
4. When the window pops up with your item, you can learn more information and add it to your cart!
5. When you're done viewing the item, simply close the pop-up screen and keep browsing.
6. Want to download the flyer? Click here Download Flyer