'Helping Modelers Build Their Passion Since 1968'

Squadron was founded by the late Mr. Jerry Campbell in Detroit, Michigan in 1968. With operations originating as a hobby shop in Detroit, additional storefronts soon opened in the Midwest and literally coast to coast from San Francisco to New York.

Squadron’s storefront locations were dubbed "A Store With a Modeler's Heart" and formed an instant brotherhood for the modeler and the nostalgia still holds true today:

“Been a fan since I looked in the window of the Squadron Shop in Hazel Park, Michigan. Forget the candy store, or Dairy Queen, that place was heaven! And the people that worked there sparked the imagination that I still have today!”

-Mac M.

“I remember my visits to the Michigan store with my Dad. Still remember what we bought and what I wanted but didn’t get…smile emoticon.”

-Rick K.

As the business changed directions, Squadron phased out the stores and transitioned to mail order only retail sales in addition to its growing wholesale distribution business (Military Model Distributors).

Mr. Campbell ran the company until he retired in 2005. The greatest industry legacy that Jerry left behind was making the products and tools of this hobby broadly available to everyone.

From his first retail location in Detroit to our distribution facility in Carrollton, Texas, it is easy to see that he worked very hard making sure that every person who had an interest in modeling had access to not only interesting subjects to build, but the tools and accessories to make those builds the best they could be.


Squadron still maintains a loyal following and strives to operate on the qualities that have been a part of our culture from the beginning.

We aim to be an advocate to the modeler and to cultivate the art of modeling through several key tenets:

  • World-Class Customer Service
  • Lowest Price Guarantee
  • Bringing History To Life Through Squadron Signal Publications
  • Squadron TV - Video Series featuring 'How To's' and Kit & Product Reviews
  • The 'Help Desk' - A Free Service That We Offer To Help Resolve Model Related Problems
  • EagleQuest - The Largest Peer Judged Modeling Competition in the U.S.

We believe all of these initiatives promote scale modeling and are important to modelers. And what’s important to the modeler is important to Squadron.

Moving The Hobby Foward

Going forward, Squadron will continue to communicate the benefits of modeling through broad based publications designed to show people how far the hobby has come since “the old days” to attract adult modelers that enjoyed the hobby as a child but have since abandoned it.

We want to grow the hobby by being more involved with organizations involving children to introduce them to the hobby with programs like model building clubs, and sponsoring activities with groups like Scouting.

We're always looking for more ways to make the hobby more enjoyable. That's why you will notice new items rolled out under 'Squadron Products.'

We have been very busy developing new
tools and accessories that help the modeler add just the right touch in completing their projects. And of course you'll find more Squadron staples such as True Details, Squadron Canopies, and Avionix.

True Details

In the mid eighties, modelers started to become more competitive with finishing their projects. There was a void in the hobby industry for accessories. A few small companies were experimenting primitively with resin updates but very quickly it became an industry that left its mark and today it is almost impossible to imagine a model without aftermarket trimmings.

Squadron very early on understood this message and True Details was born. Through time hundreds and hundreds of update sets, wheels, seats, cockpit sets, ordnance and anything that would enhance or transform a model airplane into a masterpiece, were created. Squadron has planned to continue this tradition in the future with more advanced technology.

Resin is a medium that is very easy to cut sand and paint. It captures features close to extreme perfection and replaces certain details from a plastic kit that has limitations because of injection molding. Resin has to be glued with superglue.

Squadron Canopies

Squadron Canopies are your solution for replacing a kit canopy that is either lost, broken, ruined by glue or paint or simply a substitute for a canopy of an older generation kit that has issues.

These canopies are vacu-formed with a high standard quality and retain a very crystal clear appearance.


Avionix, formerly called Black Box, is a brand that is well known in the model community because of its high detailed cockpit sets. Avionix sets are resin accessories that enhance plastic models and carries a reputation to be very accurate and quality. These resin detail sets are more for the advanced modeler who wants to push his model to the next level.

Most Avionix cockpits consist out of a main essential piece, complimented with very delicate small parts which can be a solution to omit photo-etch. As with all resin update pieces, superglue is used for gluing.

Squadron Supports Veterans

Squadron is proud to have recently partnered with several veterans groups and will continue to look for more opportunities to tap into this market. The connection makes sense:

  • Several Squadron employees are proud U.S. Veterans
  • It’s been estimated that 30 – 40% of our customer base are veterans
  • Modeling has proven to be therapeutic, relieving symptoms of depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other symptoms plaguing our Veterans
Modeling is typically viewed as a solitary pleasure, but the hobby can become quite a social interaction when shared with others. Often times it is interaction with others and a sense of camaraderie that is missing from a veteran’s life as they transition into their new “normal.”

If you want to support a company who really cares about the well-being of veterans, Squadron has got your six!

Customer Testimonials

"Squadron is great! They have the best overall prices, prompt and accurate service, friendly people, they pay attention to the wants and needs of the customers - I am an extremely satisfied customer!" - Robert H.

"I've been doing business with Squadron for almost 25 years! When Squadron makes a mistake (rarely) on an order, it is corrected fast! How much business have I done with Squadron? Let's just say I have over 1000 models on display, mostly aircraft! Around 100 models are under construction, and 300 more are in my stockpile! - Ray S.

"Fast service, wide range of products, good customer service and specials!!!" - E. David C.

"I have been ordering from Squadron for 15 years now. Squadron has great rates, fast shipping and good customer support." - Tony I.

"Your company continues to exceed my expectations in all the key areas: Service, Selection, and Price." - Mark P.

to know more? Our full service customer service department is open from 9 AM CT - 3 PM CT M-F and can be reached by calling 1-877-414-0434 or 1-972-242-8663.

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