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Yesterday's Heroes (HB) - Schiffer - SH0061CSN

Yesterday�s Heroes (HB) - Schiffer - SH0061CSN

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Kenneth N. Jordan, Sr. 433 Men of World War II Awarded the Medal of Honor 1941-1945. contains all 433 Medal of Honor citations such as this excert: Although machinegun bullets kicked up the dirt at his heels, and 88mm shels exploded within 30 yards of him, Pfc. Dutko nevertheless made his way to a point within 30 yards of the first enemy machinegun and killed both gunners with a handgrenade. Although the second machinegun wounded him, knocking him to the ground, Pfc. Dutko regained his feet and advanced on th 88-mm gun, firing his Browning automatic from the hip. When he came within 10 yards of this weapon he killed its 5-man crew with 1 long burst of fire. Wheeling on the machinegun which had wounded him, Pfc. Dutko killed the gunner and his assistant. The third German machine gun fired on Pfc. Dutko from a position 20 yards distant wounding him a second time as he proceeded toward the enemy weapon in a halr run. Along with the citations are Official Communiques from the front, and newspaper accounts of various battles. Yesterday's Heroes is a dramatic look at the courage of the American soldier in World War II. 624 pagaes.