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Yamato Class Battleships (SC) - Seaforth Publishing - CB2045CSN

Yamato Class Battleships (SC) - Seaforth Publishing - CB2045CSN

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ShipCraft #14; Wiper. Study of the largest battleships ever constructed. Only 2 ships of the class, Yamato and Musashi, were completed as battleships (the 3rd ship in the class, Shinano was finished as an aircraft carrier and is not covered in this volume) and these super-battleships have become legend. Includes a summary of the design history and careers of the vessels, full details of the class variations and modifications, color reference and paint schemes, scale model photo gallery, critical reviews of available kits and sources for further information on the class. Amply illustrated with color plan and profile, 2 pages of plan drawings, 50 b/w historical photos and more than 100 model related color photos; 64 pages.