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XtraDecal 1/48 BAe Hawk T.1/T.1A - XK48155

XtraDecal 1/48 BAe Hawk T.1/T.1A - XK48155

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(27) Was X48047 reprinted with correction for ETPS and bonus fin markings for 2014 Red Arrows, ultimate RAF Hawk decal with markings for 27 jets in the early red/white scheme or the 1980's red/white and blue scheme, green/grey camouflage schemes and grey camouflage. Squadron and Chivenor Anniversary aircraft, Empire Test Pilots School etc. 1 set of National Insignia for each colour schemeRed/White. XX164/164 CFS, RAF Valley 1979; XX314/314/S 4 FTS loaned to 151 Sqn 2 TWU RAF Chivenor 1887; Red/White/BlueXX164/164 4 FTS RAF Valley 1990; XX164 199 Sqn RAF Finningley 1993; Overall Dark Green/Dk Sea Grey; XX230/129 or XX280/142 or XX195/195 63 Sqn, 1TWU RAF Brawdy 1979; XX197/112 234 Sqn 1TWU Brawdy 1986; XX193/193 234 Sqn 1TWU Brawdy 1986; XX283/Z 151 Sqn 2TWU Chivenor Display 1989 Flt/Lt Simon Meadeor XX325/X Display reserve 1989; XX280/280 79Sqn 1TWU Brady 1982; Medium Sea Grey/Camouflage Grey XX193/193 234 Sqn 1TWU Brawdy 1989; XX318 234 Sqn 1TWU Brawdy 75th Anniversary with black fin with red Welsh Dragon; XX289/289 or XX219/219 19Sqn 7TFS Chivenor with Medium Blue fin; X219/219 63 Sqn 1 WU AF Brady 1986; XX289/289 63 Sqn 2TWU/7FTS RAF Chivenor 1991 black fin with Axe on yellow disc or with Yellow Axe; XX337/K 92(R)Sqn 7FTS RAF Chivenor with Blue fin; XX337/K 151 Sqn 7FTS RAF Chivenor 1984; XX197/197 79 Sqn 1TWU RAF Brawdy 1983; XX278/278 63 Sqn 2TWU RAF Chivenoror 50th Anniversary with Black fin with Yellow lettering; XX230 151 Sqn 2TWU RAF Chivenor 50th Anniversary with Roundel blue fin with White lettering; XX329/C 151 Sqn TWU/7FS RAF Chivenor with Oxford blue fin; XX342/2 Empire Test Pilot School Boscombe Down 1990 in Red/ White/ Blue Raspberry Ripple scheme; Post 1990 in overall Black and Display aircraft on X48067, 078, 079 and 095.