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We are accustomed to do our Duty (HB) - Helion & Company - CB7496CSN

We are accustomed to do our Duty (HB) - Helion & Company - CB7496CSN

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Paul Demet; German Auxiliaries with the British Army 1793-95. Britain was totally unprepared for war with France in 1793 and relied on German auxiliaries to supplement her own meager resources to pursue her strategy in the Low Countries and beyond.

The contingents were drawn from the smaller German states, whose armies still followed the rigid linear tactics of Frederick the Great. They therefore had to adapt to deal with the new threat posed by the mass French armies, with a greater emphasis on light troops and more flexible tactics. he German auxiliaries fought bravely, often against overwhelming odds, and the failure of the campaigns owes more to disunity among the allies and the muddled and unrealistic policies of the British government than any shortcomings of the troops on the ground.

Previously unpublished information is given on the process of negotiating the treaties with the German princes, the organization of the troops taken into British pay, and their experience on campaign, focussing on the key events for the various contingents. Their varied and colorful uniforms are also described and illustrated from contemporary sources. Illustrated with 8 pages color photos, 40 maps, tables; 208 pages.