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It takes incredible courage and sacrifice to serve in the United States Armed Forces. We will never forget your sacrifices and military commitment. Thank you!

There's no greater mission than answering the call to protect our freedom and that is why Squadron considers it a privilege to have a close connection to both veterans and our active duty soldiers.

Here are just a few points of how we connect:

· Several Squadron employees are proud U.S. Vets.

· It’s been estimated that 30 – 40% of our customer base are veterans.

· Modeling has proven to be therapeutic to veterans - most notably it helps to relieve symptoms of depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

While modeling is typically viewed as a solitary pleasure, the hobby can become quite a social interaction and develop a sense of camaraderie - something that can get lost when a vet returns back to civilian life.

Over the past two years, we have had the honor of donating model kits and portions of proceeds to various organizations dedicated to taking care of our vets as well as active duty soldiers.

Here are a few of those:


Happy Joe is passionate about helping the men and women who served in the U.S. Armed Forces. Since 2014 they've been able to provide education, training, and mentoring to hundreds of veterans and spouses.

Their purpose is to do all they can to help military veterans and military spouses avoid the hardships they face after their service is over.


Their mission: To support American men and women serving abroad in harm's way by supplying them with goodies, needs and comforts of home, along with thoughts and prayers, to let them know that we, at home, care and support them and that they are not forgotten.

Earlier this year, our Customer Service Manager Tom Fox blogged about the Airborne Angel Cadets of Texas as well as his experience at one of their “Packing Parties” which you can read about here.

And here is a "Packing Party" video that Tom was a part of:

As Tom aptly wrote:

“At Squadron, we are a group of people that not only embrace the modeling hobby….but also the people that support our cause of freedom around the world with the military armament our models commemorate.”