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U-Boot IM Focus Edition No.13 (SC) - Luftfahrtverlag-Start - LU2013

U-Boot IM Focus Edition No.13 (SC) - Luftfahrtverlag-Start - LU2013

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U-Boot im Focus Edition No. 13. Book from Luftfahrtverlag-Start. Bases (Accommodation 7th U-boat Flotilla, Reader forum: U-2519, the electric boat of Ali 'Cremer U-119, despite Rammschadens Minenlege and supply contract fulfills, oilskins with function label), Type II Boats (U-60, U-72 (VII C), U-141, 1940), Conning Towers (The so-called 'La Spezia' Turm Mediterranean boats, The tower conversion I with two Breda Twins MG), Color photographs (People enclosure boxes in color and black / white), Boat in Focus (The Tarnanstrichsversuche to Type IIA boats in the summer of 1939), Unknown emblem (The unidentifiable 'Black Lion'), Documents (Auatortaufe on a Monsumboot), Pennants (A special sinking pennants and its history, The sinking of the ocean liner 'Avila Star' by U-201), Dress (Officers of U-387 in the 'Air Force' look), Photos with a Story (collision with the battleship 'Admiral Graf Spee', Fortunately for the crew of U-35), Unusual (The 'Liliput' sweaters men of U-575), Fates (Explosion aboard U-67), Mutzenabzeichen/Cap Badges (The 'luck' emblem of U-667); 48 pages and numerous illustrations.