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The War In The North Sea 1914-1918 (HB) - Helion & Company - CB9638CSN

The War In The North Sea Royal Navy And The Imperial German Navy 1914-1918 (HB) -  Helion & Company - CB9638CSN

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Quintin Barry; The Royal Navy and the Imperial German Navy. For years before the outbreak of the First World War, it was the expectation of most officers of the Royal Navy and the Imperial German Navy that very shortly thereafter, a decisive fleet action would be fought. The history of the war in the North Sea between 1914 and 1918 is a record of the attempts to break the deadlock, and it is also the history of the men who led the British and German navies. On both sides, the stresses of the huge burden which they bore led to a serious breakdown of trust in each other on the part of the admirals charged with the responsibility. The principal naval battle of Jutland occurred when the two most powerful fleets that the world had ever known clashed, almost by accident, in the North Sea on 31 May 1916.  Most British historians claim the battle as a British victory - a view which this book questions. It has been often suggested that after Jutland, the High Seas Fleet remained in harbor for the rest of the war, but as this book shows, the underrated Admiral Reinhard Scheer (its commander-in-chief) subsequently launched a number of major sorties. This book reviews the entire course of the war in the North Sea, from the first contacts between the fleets in the early days, to the ambitious (but abortive) mission planned at the end of the war for the High Seas Fleet and, as a dramatic epilogue, its scuttling in Scapa Flow. Illustrated with 150 B&W photos and maps; 544 pages.