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The 8th Army Air Force in Color (HB) - Schiffer - SH5177CSN

The 8th Army Air Force in Color (HB) - Schiffer - SH5177CSN

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Nathan Howland. As Seen Through The Eyes of Kodak Film. This book showcases a comprehensive catalog of restored WWII color Kodachrome slides. Many were taken during the heat of battle by individuals trying their hand at capturing moments of wartime service with little or no previous photographic experience. These images age with time, and vast numbers were stored in conditions not always conducive to long-term preservation. The restoration and preservation of these images is vital so that future generations can not only experience the paradox of beauty in wartime, but get a vibrant feeling and sense of the 8th AFs involvement in the conflict with clarity, as the photographers intended. Illustrated with 500 color and b/w photos; 280 pages.