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SPECIAL ORDER - Tamiya Misc Robot Construction Set 3ch RC - TM70216
Tamiya Misc Robot Construction Set 3ch RC - TM70216

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Includes a 4-channel R/C transmitter & receiver set that you can use to manipulate the robot and have it perform tasks.  Use the parts in this set to construct a 3-channel radio control robot powered by 3 motors. It includes all required R/C equipment, 2 single gearboxes and a crank gearbox, plus universal arms and plates, and more. Instruction manual shows construction of 3 exciting robot types: Twin Arm, Stag Beetle and Fork Lift! All 3 types use the same drivetrain mechanism plus the 2 wheels and single caster in the set, for forward/reverse motion, turning and pivoting. In addition to the 3 examples above, the set can be assembled in any way you like, to make your very own unique robot! Universal arm parts molded in orange and universal plates molded in light grey. Both parts feature 3mm holes at 5mm intervals. Single gearbox (x2), crank gearbox (x1), wheels and tires (x2), battery boxes, etc. R/C transmitter & receiver (FM 27 MHz) can be used to control the model's movement with precision. Radio control means no cables and leads hampering the robot's movement. Assembly instruction manual has instructions for making Twin Arm, Stag Beetle and Fork Lift type robots using the parts in the kit. It also features ideas for competitions using the robots. Only some simple wiring is required to complete assembly. Compatible with other universal arm and plate parts in the series such as Items 70156 Long Universal Arm Set and 70172 Universal Plate L.