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Squadron Models 1/72 Haunebu II Premium Edition - SQM0002

Squadron Models 1/72 Haunebu II Premium Edition - SQM0002

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Overview Kit Includes Kit Decals/markings

  • Premium version consists of a resin upgrade set to convert the military version into a civilian platform that includes: very detailed top deck/observation bunker. Rear port, choice of top dome (resin or vacu-form acetate), 12 upgraded wheels, radome disc for main upper body, bottom cover discs (4) to replace kit ball turrets with choice of installing laser units or clear bulbs.

  • Haunebu kit also features beautiful decal markings to represent a civilian space-expeditionary livery. Comes with exquisite Falcon clear vacu-canopies.

  • Also includes: State of the art Instruction Manual with full color profile and painting guide, brief history of the Haunebu II also incorporated into the booklet. Packaged in a deluxe box with protective sleeve. Need paint? Buy it here: Haunebu II Premium Edition Paint Set

Haunebu II Premium Edition

Imagine if WWII ended a bit differently….It’s Berlin 1946, and a triumphant Germany has risen from the ashes of war and negotiated a truce with all Western Allies. The war was over and the empire still needs resources and new frontiers to master in their quest to find the origins of Aryan life and with it, extraterrestrial being.

In 1919, based on a fateful meeting that was held in an old hunting lodge near Berchtesgaden and led by the medium Maria Orsic, Germany’s desire for interplanetary expansion began. Maria Orsic claimed to have received extraterrestrial messages from a civilization existing in the faraway Aldebaran Solar System and successfully convinced her German compatriots that these messages were authentic.

During the war, development in technology of electro-magnetic power and the Haunebu project had proven to be quite successful. The vision of intercontinental and interplanetary space travel rose very quickly in the minds of government appointed lead engineers Dr. Hermann Oberth and Werner von Braun and with the collaboration of Germany’s top infrastructure architect, Albert Speer.

Plans were conceived very early after the war to introduce businesses and potential investors to the idea of orbiting and the possibility of interplanetary travel. Soon Haunebus II, III and IV were constructed in rapid sequence at the Raumfahrtwerke in Neuschwabenland, a forgotten German colony in Antarctica. This was the answer to the ever-growing demand for space flight.

The Berlin-Tempelhof airfield would become the mecca of the world for the most fortunate amongst men and women who desired to explore the unknown. Soon to be home to Haunebu travel, it would quickly eclipse every other airfield in the world for number of travelers.

Instrumental in these intergalactic undertakings was the Adler Raumfartverbände, a wealthy and influential society that sprouted its origins with the Thule and Vril Gezellschaft. These were groups of believers who claimed to be descendants of the Vril-ya, a society of people who lived within the Earth’s core. Through this society, Adler Raumfartverbände orchestrated a connection between Earth and two space stations that were built in great secrecy during the war years.

Civilian testing would be conducted on a continuous pace to reach further into deep space and to develop more powerful and bigger platforms that would pave the way in trying to communicate with Aldebaran, planet sixty-eight lightyears removed from earth.

To meet the expense quotas of research and development, Adler Raumfartverbände secured airspace and flight paths to transport passengers via Haunebu ships to different continents and destinations at Earth-relative speeds of over 36,000 mph!

By the late 1950s and under government pressure to avoid any interference from the USSR, Adler Raumfartverbände seized all earthly operations and relocated the Haunebu fleet and subsequent spacecraft to undisclosed locations.

Today, somewhere out there in the universe, these 20th century revolutionary machines are still believed to operate as solid transport platforms in a cosmos unknown to men!

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