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Sopwith Pup (SC) - Warpaint Series - WPSG105CSN

Sopwith Pup (SC) - Warpaint Series - WPSG105CSN

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Matthew Willis; Warpaint No.105. The Sopwith Pup, as it is unofficially but universally known, was one of the first true British fighter aircraft, and one of the most significant of the First World War. It played a key part in maintaining control of the skies over the Western Front during and after the RFC's toughest period, Bloody April, 1917. Its superb flying qualities kept it competitive as ever-faster and more powerful opposition appeared, and it played an unglamorous but important role in the defence of the UK against zeppelin and heavy bomber attacks, and was fundamental to the development of ship-based aviation. It was fully aerobatic and capable of a speed just shy of 85 mph despite the low engine power. It is unclear whether Sopwith intended the machine to form the basis of a military aircraft but in any event, its performance and handling, even on such low power, must have recommended it for that purpose. The 'Sparrow' therefore became the progenitor of the aircraft that would become the 'Pup'. This is the first WWI title in the series and includes all the usual Warpaint features historical text, modellers glossary, colour artwork by Richard Caruana and a three page colour walkaround.