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SPECIAL ORDER Roden 1/72 An-12 Bk Pps - RD0046

SPECIAL ORDER Roden 1/72 An-12 Bk Pps  - RD0046

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The rapid development of aviation during the First World War was mainly aimed at improving the principal characteristics of aircraft-speed, maneuverability, and range. Structurally, airplanes of that period remained descendants of the Wright brothers' very first flying machine-they were still produced from the traditional materials of wood and canvas; structural strength was attained with the help of numerous bracing wires. But there were certain particular warplanes, some of which barely had time to take part in combat, essentially differed from all the rest-the Junkers J I, Junkers CL I and Junkers D I. These airplanes were of a completely new type. They were a great advance for there time-their design consisted entirely of metal. Their design fundamentals were simple-a framework of thin duraluminum tubes was covered with sheets of corrugated aluminium.