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SPECIAL ORDER Roden 1/72 Albatros D.I - RD0001

SPECIAL ORDER Roden 1/72 Albatros D.I - RD0001

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The famous Fokker Eindecker was Germany's main fighter in early 1916, but the appearance of the allies DeHavilland DH2 and Nieuport 11 Bebe finished Germany's dominance in the sky. The excellent performance of the allied biplanes demanded that Germany address the performance of its own airplanes. A new plane type, the D-type (D for Doppeldecker, or biplane), soon began to arrive at army aerodromes in large quantities. Halberstadt and Fokker mainly manufactured these aircraft, however among these aircraft were the latest designs from Roland and Albatros. One of the best aircraft at this time was built by Albatros Gesellschaft fur Flugzeugunternehmungen GmbH Company; it received the official name Albatros D.I.