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SPECIAL ORDER Roden 1/32 Nieuport 24 - RD0618

SPECIAL ORDER Roden 1/32 Nieuport 24 - RD0618

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Gustave Delage-design WWI sesquiplane chaser evolved from the Ni.17 and endowed with pleasant more curvaceous lines; initial variant fit with tail unit incorporating curved rudder with fixed fin and semicircular tailplane. Kit features restrained fabric-over-frame effects, well appointed cockpit, detailed multi-part Le Rhone radial engine (with separate cylinder heads, pushrod array and intake manifold), fuselage-mounted Vickers machine gun, acetate windscreens and rigging diagram. Decals and painting reference for 4 French Aviation Militaire aircraft: N3987 piloted by 11 kill ace Sous-Lieutenant William Herisson of Escadrille N.75, 1917; N3961 of Escadrille N.91, 1917; N4408 piloted by Lieutenant Miodrag Tomych of Escadrille N.523, Serbia, 1917 and unknown serial 'hornet' of Escadrille N. 89, 1917.