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PreHistoric Times No 116 Winter 2016 (SC) - PH0116

PreHistoric Times No 116 Winter 2016 (SC) - PH0116

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PreHistoric Times No. 116. Winter 2016.  Magazine. From the Editor;  Mesozoic Mail; PT Dinostore: vintage dinosaur collectibles for sale; Zden?k Burian and the Golden Age of Palaeo-art Part 1; Kentrosaurus; Your inner Dinosaur revealed; How to draw Dinosaurs; Collectors Corner; Dinosaur Collector News by Randy Knol; Timpo dinosaur's and the plight 1950's British; what's new in review by Mike Fredericks; PT Interview:  JC Alonso; Argentavis; Cretaceous Classifieds; Dinosaurs on Venus; Dinosaur Paleontology review 2015; Mesozoic Media; Dinosaur hunting in the Huntarian; Reptillicus and more.