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PreHistoric Times No 114 Summer 2015 (SC) - PH0114

PreHistoric Times No 114 Summer 2015 (SC) - PH0114

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PreHistoric Times No. 114. Summer 2015. Magazine. From the  Editor; Mesozoic Mail;  PT DinoStore; The PT interview: Sculptor Sean Cooper; Jurassic World: The Film and Collectibles; Brontosaurus part 2; How to draw dinosaurs; Collector's Corner;  Dinosaur Collector News; interview with Paleontologist Matthew Mossbrucker of National Geographic channel's T-Rex autopsy; what's new in review; Aurochs; Evolution 1923 and Ghost of Slumber Mountain 1919 as life through time illustration; Cretaceous Classifieds; Cretaceous Warzone; Super predator, the world of Tyrannosaurus Rex; Paleonews; Mesozoic Media; Marx set Science weighs in; America's State Fossils and Making a diorama for Creative Beast Studio's Acrocanthosaurus & Sauropelta kits.