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PreHistoric Times No 113 Spring 2015 (SC) - PH0113

PreHistoric Times No 113 Spring 2015 (SC) - PH0113

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PreHistoric Times No. 113. Spring 2015. Magazine. From the Editor; Mesozoic Mail; PT DinoStore; The PT interview: Paleoartsist Luis Rey; The New Jurassic World film; Ankylosaurus;  How to draw dinosaurs; In honor of Stephen Andrew Czerkasa; Collector's Corner; Dinosaur Collector News; Fossil hunting in Dinosaur Provincial Park; The origin of the Carnegie Collection; What's new in review; Dinosaurs in Fantastic Fiction - Extras VI; Archelon, Ankylosaurus, Glyptodon; The evolution of body armor in prehistoric life; Cretaceous Classifieds; Mesozoic Media; Paleonews; Reader Art; The Sequels that time forgot; Glyptodon; Lost world of Airfix.