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PreHistoric Times No 111 Fall 2014 (SC) - PH0111

PreHistoric Times No 111 Fall 2014 (SC) - PH0111

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PreHistoric Times No. 111. Fall 2014. Magazine. From the Editor; Mesozoic Mail; PT DinoStore; The PT interview: Paleortist Julius Csotonyi; Baryonyx; How to Draw Dinosaurs; Collector's Corner; Dinosaur Collector news; Arthur Conan Doyle and The Lost World; What's new in Review; Thylacosmilus; Origins of the Life-Through-Time 'Paleo' story; Cretaceous Classifieds; PaleoNews; interview with Dan LoRusso (DinosaurStudio.com); Mesozoic Media; 'Dinosaur 13' movie; Author of 'Kronos Rising' Max Hawthrone'; Goro Sr & Gorgo Jr.