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Northrop BT-1 (SC) - Ginter Books - GI090CSN

Northrop BT-1 (SC) - Ginter Books - GI090CSN

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Northrop BT-1. Naval Fighters 90. Book by Steve Ginter. Pre-World War II monoplane naval dive bomber evolved from the Northrop Gamma designs; though not a great success in service with the US Navy, the BT-1 was significant for its innovations and as the direct ancestor (the XBT-2) of the famed Douglas SBD Dauntless. Examines the aircraft's 'family tree' and design development, technical particulars, operational deployment, armament, camouflage and typical marking conventions. Also includes a compelling interior and exterior visual record revealing the aircraft in great detail, as well as a section examining available BT-1 model kits. Amply illustrated with more than 220 b/w photos, plus diagrams, data tables; 88 pages.