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Miles Barne's Diary (HB) - Helion & Company - CB9007CSN

Miles Barne's Diary (HB) - Helion & Company - CB9007CSN

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Randall Nicol; A Suffolk Countryman at War 1915-1917. Miles Barne, then aged forty one, who lived at Sotterley, Suffolk, rejoined the Scots Guards in June 1915. He began his Diary on 23 July as he left for the Western Front and, apart from when on leave, recorded life with the 1st Battalion Scots Guards almost every day in the most straightforward, but vivid, way.

That included everything that he saw and heard within his own immediate sphere. Often it was far from military. So he noted the countryside and crops, farms and villages, flowers and plants, woods and trees, animals and birds. While his accounts of his more terrible experiences such as Loos, some of the trench tours in the Ypres Salient and of the dreadful Somme winter of 1916-17 catch the attention immediately, those of other events elsewhere and away from the fighting are of just as much interest.

He died after being mortally wounded on 17 September 1917 by a bomb inadvertently dropped by a British plane, well behind the line near Ypres. Miles Barne was intelligent, observant, conscientious, humane, gently witty, completely honest, enthusiastic, very interested in his fellow men, and morally and physically brave. Rightly he was very well liked by all ranks. His flaws as an officer were being too self-effacing and unassertive out of the line.

He expressed himself with a certain naivety, because there was no guile, no calculation and no artifice to him. So he was very slow to spot it in others. His warmth, charm and kindness leave a memory touched with nobleness.

Illustrated with 32 black/white/color photos and maps; 248 pages.