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Kongo Class Battlecruisers (SC) - Seaforth Publishing - CB2004CSN

Kongo Class Battlecruisers (SC) - Seaforth Publishing - CB2122CSN

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Kongo Class Battlecruisers. ShipCraft Modelling 9. Steve Wiper. Seaforth Publishing. History of the Imperial Japanese Navy Kongo, Hiei, Kirishima and Haruna. Describes the careers of each battlecruiser (re-rated as battleships following their first reconstruction) beginning in 1913, through rebuilds and modifications, plus the ships appearance and camouflage. Includes scale plans, color profiles/plan views, model makers' showcase and in-depth model kit and accessory reviews. Illustrated with more than 110 photos and 10 pages of configuration and detail drawings; 64 pages.