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Kitty Hawk 1/48 Su-17/22 UM-3K - KH80147

Kitty Hawk 1/48 Su-17/22 UM-3K - KH80147

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Plastic model kit of the Su-17/22, a Soviet variable-sweep wing fighter-bomber developed from the Sukhoi Su-7. It enjoyed a long career in Soviet, later Russian service, and was widely exported to Eastern Bloc, Arab air forces, Angola and Peru as the Su-20 and Su-22.
Kit has engraved panel lines, well appointed tandem cockpit interior (choice of seat cushions), optional (canopy and speed brakes), detailed (AL-21F engine with optional aux intake doors), detailed wheel wells and optional undercarriage, separate (rudder, stabilizers, ailerons, trailing and leading edge flaps), variable-sweep wing, transparent (canopy's and lights), photoetch (seatbelts, antennas, pylons and other external accents).
Armament (30mm Nudelman-Rikhter NR-30 cannons (x2), UB-32 (x2), BETAB-500 (x2), KH-23 (x2), KKR-1/2 Recognize Pod (x1), SPS-141 (x2), SPPU-22 (x2), R-60 (x2), S-24 (x2) and drop tank (x2)).
Decals and color painting reference for (4) aircraft: Polish Air Force, 707; 98+16, 17532371001, WTD-61, Manching, Germany, 1994; Soviet Air Force, Yellow 88; Hungarian Air Force, 31st KTF Regiment; Ukraine Air Force, Yellow 77 and Czech Air Force, 32nd TA Wing, 322nd TR Sqn, Prerow AB, IAT 94 - includes stencil data, weapons data, instrument panels and consoles.