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Flying Wings (SC) - Ampersand - MT5477

Flying Wings (SC) - Ampersand - MT5477

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Flying Wings: a visual History of the Northrop XB-35 & YB-49 Flying Wings. Book by David Doyle. Ampersand. This highly unique title provides complete coverage of the aircraft that would become the B-2 bomber, all told completely in rare period photos, many published here for the very first time. Cover's XB-35, YB-49, YB-35A, YRB-49A, EB-35B and YB-35B. On 22 November 1941, the United States Army Air Forces (USAAF, or AAF) signed the development contract for an XB-35, on 30 September 1943, 13 pre-production YB-35s were ordered by the Army Air Force, the second YB-35 converted to a YB-49 all-jet airframe crashed after Air Force test pilot Forbes pulled the outer wing panels off during stall tests, a third YB-35 airframe was converted to use six jet engines (two placed in under wing pods) for use as a long-range reconnaissance aircraft, designated YRB-49A, in order to test the advanced Northrop T-37 Turbodyne turboprop engine, produced by a Northrop subsidiary, the final YB-35A was to be converted to a single EB-35B test aircraft. Illustrated with over 200 black/white and color photos. 120 pages.