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F4F Wildcat (SC) - Classic Warships - CWAP4CSN

F4F Wildcat (SC) - Classic Warships - CWAP4CSN

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F4F Wildcat. Aircraft Pictorial 4; Book by Dana Bell. The story of Grumman's WWII era, rugged, carrier-capable fighter in service with the US Navy. Covers the general history of the Wildcat as the USN's only truly viable combat aircraft during the early war period and on through its service onboard escort carriers during the conflict's later stages - from prototypes through the General Motors-built FM-2 and every variant in between. Includes a production table by type and serial, USN carrier unit assignments, squadron insignia, carrier divisional markings and a comprehensive guide to United States Navy F4F insignia and camouflage conventions (with a brief look at British Fleet Air Arm colors). Amply illustrated with 85 b/w and 3 color photos revealing the aircraft's interior and exterior in great detail, combined with technical drawings and diagrams to highlight the F4F's dimensions and structural makeup; 72 pages.