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Douglas XSB2D-1 and BTD-1 Destroyer (SC) - Ginter Books - GI030CSN

Douglas XSB2D-1 and BTD-1 'Destroyer'  (SC) - Ginter Books - GI030CSN

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Naval Fighters 30. Kowalski and Steve Ginter. Bob Kowalski continues the saga of the bomber Torpedo (BT) program and the similar Scout Bomber (SB) program with the obscure story of the Douglas XSB2D-1 and BTD-1 Destroyer. The United States was still at peace when the Navy issued a requirement for a design to serve with the fleet as both a successor to the SBD, which would be nearing obsolescence, and as a possible replacement for the SB2C, which was undergoing what can charitably be called a prolonged proportional development period. To meet this requirement, two prototypes of the SXB2D-1 were ordered by the Navy on 30 June 1941. Illustrated with 75 black/white photos, 15 drawings; 48 pages.