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Decorated Roman Armour (HB) - Frontline Books - CB92873CSN

Decorated Roman Armour (HB) - Frontline Books - CB92873CSN

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Raffaele d'Amato, Andrey Evgenevich Negin. From the time of the Bronze Age, the warriors of all tribes and nations sought to emblazon their arms and armor with items and images to impress upon the enemy the wealth and power of the wearer.
Magnificently decorated shields were as much a defensive necessity as a symbol of social status. Equally, decorative symbols on shields and armor defined the collective ideals and the self-conceived important of the village or city-state its warriors represented. Shining Under the Eagles is richly decorated throughout, and as well as battlefield armor, details the tournament and parade armor from Rome's the earliest days. Illustrated with 300 B&W photos; 392 pages.