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Borodino 1812: Napoleon's Great Gamble (SC) - Osprey - OS7246

Borodino 1812: Napoleon's Great Gamble (SC) - Osprey - OS7246

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Campaign 246; Haythornthwaite. The battle of Borodino was one of the greatest military encounters in European history, and one of the largest and most sanguinary in the Napoleonic Wars. Following the breakdown of relations between Russia and France, Napoleon assembled a vast Grande Armée drawn from the many states within the French sphere of influence. They crossed the river Neimen and entered Russian territory in June 1812 with the aim of inflicting a sharp defeat on the Tsar's forces. In a bloody battle of head-on attacks and desperate counter-attacks in the village of Borodino on 7 September 1812, both sides lost almost a third of their men, with the Russians forced to withdraw and abandon Moscow to the French. However, the Grande Armée was harassed by Russian troops, and the greatest army Napoleon had ever commanded was reduced to a shadow of frozen, starving fugitives; 96 pages.