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Aquarama - AMUSAS182 - Authentic Models
Aquarama - AMUSAS182 - Authentic Models

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At one time in our history the Jaguar XK120 ruled the road; Doris Day and Cary Grant were Oscar nominated. It was a time of peace, and optimism was unbridled. It was then that Rivas roared across the Lago di Como and skimmed the Mediterranean waves off St. Tropez. Thunderboats (also called Hydroplanes) racing with each other at record speed. Stateside, the luxurious Chris Crafts were de rigeur with Hollywood elite.
  • Scale model of Riva Aquarama
  • Made by hand using original construction techniques
  • Wood planks on frame
  • Varnished and polished finished
  • Leather seats
  • Nickel plated brass accessories
  • Wood base with brass standoffs
  • Size is 25.25 by 7.75 by 7.50