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Allied Aircraft Art (SC) - Schiffer - SH4443CSN

Allied Aircraft Art (SC) - Schiffer - SH4443CSN

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John M. Campbell Donna Campbell. Nose Art, Paint Schemes & Unusual Markings on Aircraft from Korea to Desert Storm. In over 270 color photographs, this book is a tour through modern aircraft paint schemes and markings, with its shark's teeth, heavy metal magic, and racy ladies. The reader will journey to a European Tiger Meet where tiger and jungle cat paint schemes are the rule and not the exception, A-10 Thunderbolts and F-4 Phantom IIs, a stroll into Operation Desert Storm, and a first hand look at the Tornados, Victors, and C-130s which were participants, for perhaps the first time, a close-up look into the weapons bays of the now infamous F-117 Stealth fighter and the hidden humor of weapons bay art, a look at the colorful metaphors painted on the weapons to be delivered to Saddam Hussein, rare F-105 Thunderchief bomb bay door art, and the clever names on the intakes and panels of just about any active duty aircraft of the last twenty years. 64 pages.