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1930s DC-3 - AMUSAP110 - Authentic Models

1930s DC-3 - AMUSAP110 - Authenic Models

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Desktop DC-3 model in sleek, aluminum 1930s Art Deco style. Legendary airlines ruled the skies in the 1930s. Pan Am, Trans World, Imperial Airways . . . . And the DC-3 flew in many liveries in that by-gone age.  Built under license in Japan, the DC-3 went by the name Showa L2D when it flew with the Imperial Japanese Airways. The Soviets license-built DC-3, and there it flew under the designation Lisunov Li-2. Travel changed beyond recognition internationally when the DC-3 burst on the scene and quickly became an iconic presence all over the earth. Models such as this one graced the desks and windows of travel agents worldwide, as air travel really went global. But that wasn't all! Like millions of men and women, the DC-3 took on a military role and donned Olive Drab during World War II, acquiring the designations C-47, C-53, R4D, and Dakota. In Japan, the Showa L2D became a Nakajima Navy Type 0 Transport and was dubbed "Tabby" in Allied code. This hand cast aluminum plane and stand have crafted to a high perfection and proudly recall both civil and military air transport in nearly every corner of the world! ***THIS PRODUCT IS SHIPPED DIRECTLY FROM AUTHENTIC MODELS*** 1930s travel nostalgia! Size: 50cm x 51.5cm x 30cm.