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SPECIAL ORDER Roden 1/48 Raf Be12B - RD0412

SPECIAL ORDER Roden 1/48 Raf Be12B               - RD0412

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Pilots were less than impressed with the capabilities of the B.E.12 and B.E.12a, and consequently it was decided to create a new version better suited to the needs of anti-aircraft defense, utilizing the more powerful 200 h.p. Hispano Suiza engine which was already fitted in another well known fighter - the R.A.F. S.E.5a. The result of this new development was the B.E.12b, which was reminiscent of the S.E.5a because of the outline of its forward fuselage, its radiator and long branching exhaust pipes. The contract for construction of 200 machines of this type was awarded to the Daimler Company, which already had experience of constructing the previous B.E.12. Due to numerous delays in delivery of the engines which were also required by the S.E.5a, manufacture of the B.E.12b only began at the end of 1917 in parallel with extended production of the B.E.12a. In the end, Daimler built around 150 of the B.E.12b out of an initial order for two hundred.