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Trumpeter 1/32 EA-18G Growler - TR03206
1:32 Trumpeter EA-18G Growler - TR03206

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Boeing carrier-capable electronic warfare aircraft based of the 2-seat F/A-18F Super Hornet airframe. Kit features recessed panel lines and rivet heads, detailed tandem cockpits, radar package, 2-piece intake trunking, 2 fully detailed engines, choice of folded or extended wings, separate control surfaces (including optional position flaps), avionics bays, optional position refueling probe, boarding ladder, multi-part optional position canopy, well outfitted wheel wells, metal reinforced undercarriage struts, vinyl tires and photo-etch seatbelts. Also includes external stores - drop tanks (x3), AGM-88 HARMs (x2), AIM-120C AMRAAMs, AIM-9X Sidewinders (x2), AN/ALQ-218 jamming receivers (x2), AN/ALQ-99 jamming pods (1 centerline and 2 underwing). Decals and color painting guide for 3 US Navy aircraft: BuNo 166858 of VAQ-129 'Vikings'; BuNo 166928 CAG of VAQ-141 'Shadowhawks' onboard USS George H W Bush and BuNo 166930 of VAQ-141 'Shadowhawks' onboard USS George H W Bush - includes instrument markings, stencil data and weapons markings.