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SPECIAL ORDER - 1/32 Academy USMC F/A-18A+ 'VMFA-232 Red Devils' - MH12107
1:32 Academy USMC F/A-18A+ 'VMFA-232 Red Devils' - MH12107

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McDonnell Douglas multirole twin-engine jet fighter and attack aircraft, upgraded single-seat variant as flown by the US Marine Corps. Kit has engraved panel lines, fully equipped cockpit and ejection seat, well detailed wheel wells, fully represented engines, intake trunks, radar package with optional position radome, arresting hook, optional position flaps and speed brake, pivoting stabilators, choice of folded or extended wing tips, new tool 'A+' vertical fins, separately molded rudders, boarding ladder, optional position multi-part canopy, cast metal undercarriage and vinyl tires. Also includes 2 seated pilots, Marine ground crewman, Navy catapult officer and extensive external stores - AIM-9L/Ms (x4), AIM-120s (x4), AIM-7F/Ms (x2), AGM-84D Harpoons (x2), AGM-65E Mavericks (x4), AGM-88 Harms (x4), 330 gal drop tanks (x3), GBU-31 JDAMs (x2), GBU-10 Paveway IIs (x2), GBU-24 Paveway IIIs (x2), Mk 82 bombs (choice of fuses and Snakeye configuration), AN/ASQ-173 LDT/SCAM pod, AN/AAR-50 TINS pod and AN/AAS-38 FLIR pod. Decals and painting guide for 2 aircraft - USMC BuNo 162396 of VMFA-232 'Red Devils' onboard USS Nimitz, Persian Gulf, 2007 and Canadian Air Force CF-118A s/n 188739, Operation Mobile, Libya, 2011 - includes walkways, full stencil data and weapon markings.