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Military Scale Models from Squadron

Military tanks and vehicles are designed and constructed with the highest levels of precision to withstand the damage of war in some of the world’s harshest conditions. Squadron’s model tanks and military model kits are designed with the intricate details, giving you the most accurate representation of military tanks and vehicles throughout history. Each model allows for period details for unique vehicles to be faithfully reproduced. All of these choices will satisfy the most discriminating model builders with their truth to scale and accurate details, as well as options for customization. Creating a historical scene with miniatures to display accurate recreations of tanks is possible with Squadron’s selection of military scale models.

WWI & WWII Tank Models

Squadron is proud to carry a selection of model tanks ranging history, including WWI tank models and WWII tank models. American, German, and a full range of accurate military scale models are available to be built and modeled to your exact specifications. For the most accurate details, or personalization, view our selection of decals and modeling parts. Everything you need to create the perfect, accurate model tank or military model, you’ll find it at Squadron. Browse our selection below to get started.