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The Heavy Cruiser Admiral Hipper (SC) - Kagero - KG16032
The Heavy Cruiser Admiral Hipper (SC) - Kagero - KG16032

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The Heavy Cruiser Admiral Hipper. Book by Waldemar Góralski. Super Drawings in 3D No.32. Admiral Hipper was scuttled in Kiel in May 1945, leaving Prinz Eugen as the only member of the class to survive the war. She was ceded to the US Navy, which ultimately expended the ship in the Operation Crossroads nuclear tests in 1946. Seydlitz was towed to Königsberg and scuttled before the advancing Soviet Army could seize the ship. She was ultimately raised and broken up for scrap. Lützow, renamed Petropavlovsk, remained unfinished when the Germans invaded the Soviet Union. The ship provided artillery support against advancing German forces until she was sunk in September 1941. She was raised a year later and repaired enough to participate in the campaign to relieve the Siege of Leningrad in 1944. She served on in secondary roles until the 1950s, when she was broken up. illustrated with 135 photos and scale drawings. 80 pages.