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PreHistoric Times No 115 Fall 2015 (SC) - PH0115
PreHistoric Times No 115 Fall 2015 (SC) - PH0115

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From the Editor: Mesozoic Mail; The PT Dinostore: vintage dinosaur collectibles for sale; The PT Interview: the making of the video game - Saurian by Dan liebman of Dansdinosaur.com; Pachycephalosaurus Part 2: The Megatherium club; How to draw Dinosaurs: lipless in the Mesozoic; Collectors Corner; Dinosaur Collector News by Randy Knol; Invicta British Museum figures by Anthony Beeson; The sauropod dinosaurs of Brazil by Sergio Luiz Fica Biston; What's new in review by Mike Fredericks; Deinotherium, Monarch of the forest by Phil Hore; Dino Gallery live by Robert Peck; Cretaceous Classifieds; Paleonews; Mesozoic Media; Visit the Dino Hotel; painting Tyrannosaurus Rex models by Bruce Horton; building the Pegasus T-Rex & Triceratops kits.

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