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Military Modeling Perfected With Squadron!

Military vehicles and operations demand the highest levels of precision and details – shouldn’t your military model kits be subject to the same high standards? For those who are passionate about building model tanks and re-creating their favorite military vehicles, Squadron offers the highest quality, most accurate military model kits anywhere! With selections ranging from modern American tanks to the Russian, German and American units of World War II; whatever you dream of building, Squadron offers military model kits providing the highest levels of accuracy, and a range of modeling tools and accessories to make sure that your models are exactly like the real deal!

Military Dioramas & Accessories

Want to take your modeling to the next level? Our selection of military dioramas allows you to recreate famous battles and landmarks at home. Combined with our incredibly detailed military model kits, you’ll be able to create a breathtaking battle right at home! Browse our selection by vehicle type and scale, or give us a call today, to begin building military models that are truly battle-worthy!

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